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The region’s housing market was facing potential roadblocks going into the spring market, the busiest home-selling and buying season.

A shortage of homes in the lower price range combined with the new federal tax law that capped the amount of local tax deductions threatened to cast a pall on the market.

Yet, as the season progresses, a sense of optimism and relief seems to have spread in the suburbs of New York City in northern New Jersey and the Lower Hudson Valley region.

Seven Tips To Remember When Establishing Real Estate Goals

Real estate can be a tricky industry. Success as an investor, developer or broker requires one to pay close attention to cyclical market trends, both on the local and global level. At...
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Bronxville Realtor lists Maya Angelou’s Harlem brownstone

The news that an elegant Harlem brownstone owned by the late Maya Angelou was on the market made headlines last week, with stories and photographs of the five-story home at 58 W. 120th...
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Maya Angelou’s Harlem Home for Sale

The century-old Harlem brownstone that served as the New York home of the memoirist, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou for almost a decade, and where she entertained scores...
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